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Porsche Design 1919 DATETIMER ETERNITY 4046901986070 Replica Watch

Porsche Design 1919 DATETIMER ETERNITY 4046901986070 Replica Watch

Zenith Defy El Primero Fusée Tourbillon

Since the birth of chronographs, watchmakers have been working on the production of timepieces that provide constant performance through the use of “Hengli”. Zenith reinterprets the fusee&chain constant force mechanism in a modern style in the new DEFY Fusee Tourbillon. The new El Primero 4805 SK movement features a hand-wound calibre that conforms to the avant-garde movement DEFY specification and has an open three-dimensional effect. The DEFY Fusee Tourbillon is available in two different versions of carbon and platinum.https://www.bestluxurysale.com

At first glance, the movement of the DEFY Fusee tourbillon is clearly different. The spoke design of the bridge is magnified by a two-tone finish, with the top satin polished surface treated in black and the polished edges in light grey hue. The layout of the bridge provides a balanced layout of various functions and complexities. In the upper part of the movement, one can appreciate the unique concept of fuze and chain constant force mechanism. The chain consists of 575 individual hand-assembled assemblies with bold blue treatment: the first for watch fuze and chain systems. At the other end of the 6 o'clock position, a completely structured tourbillon frame with an eccentric balance rotates completely every 60 seconds. Like a chain The tourbillon frame is striking in blue, enhancing the visual effect of the unique moving parts of the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon. Located between the 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock positions on the edge of the dial, the red pointer indicates power reserve, which is a convenient function for 50-hour power reserve when manually winding the DEFY Fusee tourbillon.

An extraordinary sport - two completely different executions
When the mainspring of the mechanical movement is swung, the torque it transmits to the adjustment mechanism drops, resulting in a decrease in the timing performance of the movement. The centuries-old solution against this and achieving constant power lies in power and its transmission. Known as the "fusee and chain" system, it features a miniature chain coiled around a conical "fusee" and attached to the main barrel. As the mainspring unfolds, more chains wrap around the barrel and fall off the wide tapered base of the torch. The greater rotational motion provided by Fusen compensates for the weakened mainspring tension, thereby maintaining torque during the autonomous duration of the mainspring and thus maintaining the amplitude of the adjustment mechanism constant.http://www.cheapsalewatch.com

By combining the deflector and chain mechanism with the tourbillon adjustment mechanism, Zenith places precision at the forefront of its unique high-end watchmaking. The DEFY Fusee Tourbillon highlights the unique technical and aesthetic strength of the work and is available in two different versions.

The first version features a lightweight, sturdy carbon-fiber case with crown and buckle head. The carbon fiber treatment even extends to the open dial, and the central skeletal element and the surrounding flange ring exude a unique luster of this material. To complete the high-tech look, the DEFY Fusee tourbillon carbon fiber case with black rubber strap with "Cordura" effect and blue stitching. A second strip is also available, made of black rubber with a woven carbon effect.

The second version of the DEFY Fusee tourbillon is limited to 10 pieces and is made of platinum. The exposed movement provides a vibrant, large field of view, and the blend of materials and tones adds visual depth, from the anthracite floor of the movement to the blue chain and tourbillon frame, with a geometric bridge of two shades at the top. The strap is made of a black rubber core with a black crocodile skin.

While each version attracts different types of forward-thinking watch enthusiasts, one thing is certain: the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon strengthens Zenith's position as the future leader in watchmaking.http://www.fashionwatchtime.com